What’s that picture in the banner?

The banner image depicts the crash of Andree’s Eagle at the Arctic in 1897, photographed by expedition member Nils Strindberg.  Swedish engineer/explorer S.A. Andree proposed to cross the North Pole by balloon — balloon (!?!) — in a patriotic effort to propel Sweden forward in Arctic exploration.  The entire expedition crew consisted of three men — Andree, photographer Strindberg, and Knut Fraenkel.  They all died.

I think the photo of the fallen balloon is beautiful.

If you want to read more:  S. A. Andrée’s Arctic Balloon Expedition of 1897

4 comments on “What’s that picture in the banner?

    • It is, and I always wonder why no one either talked them out of the attempt, or at least encouraged them to add a “ground crew” of some sort as backup.

  1. Those where the days! I mean, the urge to explore at that time must have really been something else. And not able to be compared with how we explore areas nowadays. Yes it is a nice image Luddy and makes you realize how tough it was back then.

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