Blogging Awards

January 2013


Just before the holidays, Anthony at ispiderbook nominated me for a Blog of the Year Award! If you haven’t clicked on his link from my blogroll yet (and shame on you), his book I Spider is a bizarrely funny psycho-thriller of revenge murder and funnel spiders! His whole blog is like that — true life anecdotes and fiction installments that are simultaneously hilarious and cringe-inducing. Always a good read.

See all of Anthony’s nominees here.


November 2012

Thanks to David Stewart at The Green-Walled Tower for nominating me for a Liebster Blog Award!  See all of David’s nominees — and get acquainted with his fantastic original fiction (is there a word that means “science-horror-fiction-post-apocalyptic-humor”?) — here.


August 2012

Award season is in high gear!

Thank you to Susanne at buntscheck and Angela at Journey to RN — both of whom thought me worthy of the One Lovely Blog award. Does this mean I get two??

And Anthony at i spider has selected me for a Beautiful Blogger award.  Thanks, Anthony!

I suggest you check out all three of my nominators’ blogs — they are regular stops on my daily meanderings, and each one is wonderfully thoughtful and surprising.

And see all of Susanne’s nominees here, Angela’s here, and Anthony’s here. As for my nominations?  Close your eyes and click any link on my blogrolls — you won’t be disappointed!


July 2012

Thank you to Wilber Zada Rosendi of La Mandraka for choosing me as a nominee for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Here are all of Wilber’s nominees.

And here are 15 who inspire me (this being a photography blog, you will notice they are like-minded individuals):

buntscheck    *     Don’t Dress Like Beethoven    *   John Todaro Image Current
Journey Photographic    *    Thomas Leech    *    Museum of Dirt!    *    MP Photography
Nitzus    *    Photosteam    *    Phil Kneen    *    Random Camera    *    Shimmering Grains
Tibor Nak    *    Travel Photo Media    *    Anton Zoghi

# # #


June 2012

My thanks to Ricardo Vilela at Film Photography is Not Dead for nominating me for a Versatile Blogger Award; you can see all of Ricardo’s nominations in this post.

And here are 15 versatile bloggers for you to enjoy:

More Than Photography    *    Something New Please    *    Clotilda Jamcracker
A Feather Adrift    *    Hautes Plaines Girl    *    Bobster’s House    *    A Fool At One End
Everyday Aperture    *    Local Heart, Global Soul    *    Colorfluxion    *    6 Past 6
The She Chronicles    *    Aware of the Void    *    Stephen G. Hipperson    *    Mango Shenanigans

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