5 comments on “Flown.

  1. Hey, great to see you again! Happy New Year! This is a great picture. From what I’ve seen of roosters on my brother-in-law’s farm, they are ornery and have a dominant personality. This seems to capture that.

    • Hey, David! Happy New Year! Looking forward to getting caught up on the Fictioneers — and the Time Machine! Is that new?

      This rooster had a small flock he was protecting, so I don’t think he was too happy to have me hanging around.

      • Yeah, the Green-Walled Time Machine is a new thing I’ve been doing on Thursdays. I have a bunch of magazines I got from my great-great aunt’s house from about 100 years ago and I post interesting stuff I find there. They’re not as popular as my stories, but I’m hoping they catch on . :)

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