8 comments on “Exodus of the Worms, Ch. 7:13: The Long Hours.

    • :-) Oh, I agree kiwi! I think hard work and efficiency have to go hand in hand — otherwise things get only half-done (as my desk sometimes proves!). Nothing wrong having a lazy day if you’ve earned it.

  1. “The most ominous spirit of our times, as it seems to me, is the indication of the growth of an intolerant spirit.” Charles Evans Hughes (the man could see into the future…)

    • I wonder what our modern politicians would make of him — a republican AND a progressive?!? A conservative judge who ruled in favor of unions and increased federal regulations?!!

      And I wonder what he’d make of what our politics and justice system have become.

  2. I’ve totally missed this, sorry….
    Worms are my best co-workers in the garden, they do a lot of the hard work…
    Not very pretty to look at, but very loyal and efficient.
    Thank you for not forgetting them! :-)

    • No need to apologize, Marie — I’ve hardly been here myself! :-)

      Same with the worms in my garden. I’m always happy to see them in my soil, and yes, they are very efficient workers. Just give me plenty of worms and bees, and I’ll be a happy gardener!

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