8 comments on “The Everyday.

  1. Oh!!! That’s terrible.
    I like a lot all the the last two shots.
    I don’t want know about your possibilities but developing b&w is really simple and rewarding. COlor film is just as easy although you need a strict control of the temperature. I am my own “preferred film lab”; that means that if I make any mistake I can’t blame on anyone else but myself!

    • Yeah, I recently purchased the basic supplies for developing my b&w negs, but I haven’t yet found the time to get started. I haven’t done my own film developing in many, many years, but I hope I haven’t forgotten everything. You’re right, if we’re our own film labs, at least we’ll know where the mistakes are made!

  2. I currently have a chest infection and my asthma is almost off the scale so laughing so hard as I just did at that wonderful *kittens* sentence probably endangered my life.
    Seriously… you made my day!!!

    • :-) Tee-hee! I mean — Oh, no! Well, I guess it’s better to nearly die laughing…

      But really, kiwi, if I’m ever reduced to taking “cutesy” pictures, you know it’s over for me!

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