9 comments on “A Man at the Wall.

    • Funny thing is, I’ve seen some beautiful, beautiful images taken with this type of film (redscale), yet mine always have an air of doom.

      (By the way, this image is reeeally striking in the original; I always lose some detail from scan to watermark to upload…)

  1. Luddy, I’d love to see the original of this shot if it’s possible?
    Not sure where the “man with wall” went to but this is a captivating image, the colour is really unusual.

    • The original? Oh, do you mean my comment above?

      The man is at the bottom right — he’s very faint, and I know it’s hard to make him out on some monitors. The color is from the type of film, a redscale, which is loaded backward in the canister so that the red layer of color on the film is now the top layer (it’s usually the bottom layer in normal color films).

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