10 comments on “Templar Throne.*

    • Haha! It’s crazy, right? It’s really just a tomb some rich guy built for himself and his family — the chairs are their gravestones! It’s in a forest near where I live in Washington State.

  1. I think it’s kinda cool, actually–the guy knew what was important to him. You’re right, though–there’s much sadness to this. Is it really so important that the world know you were a Knight Templar and an Elk and By God No Democrat! that you can’t leave some space to let us know if you were a father and husband?

    If he wanted to show a sense of humor for posterity, he would have inscribed the words from Shelley’s “Ozymandias” on to his stone.

    • Oh, that actually would have been really funny, especially as the place is really popular with tourists. People visit and then stroll down to the resort for lunch.

      Some would probably get it, but most would wonder where the legs are.

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