6 comments on “Deer in the Road, Series 1.

  1. The language of indirection. My favorite.

    “Dead on arrival,” perhaps? ” “Too little, too late”?

    Or this one off the cuff; “May a plague of bones share your table each morning.”

    The photos: they instantly reminded me of Matthew Brady’s Civil War/Gettysburg work.

    • Oooo, “dead on arrival” — that’s good. Hadn’t thought of it that way. (I was coming at it from the deer’s — i.e., “our” — point of view.) It’s astonishing, this ridiculous, petulant, clueless mob. But then every one of them was elected, so maybe *we’re* the ridiculous, petulant, clueless mob,,,

      In any case, I don’t think they’d realize the plague of bones was their own doing.

      But thanks for the very generous compliment! :-)

  2. Those are some chilling pictures.
    I hope in the future the government will learn that there is nothing they can plan that will be “too bad to happen.” At least the common people have learned that.

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