10 comments on “The Light at Dead Man’s Bay.

  1. Really like this one. Add to it the charm of Mr. Ben Ure and your photo, Luddy, becomes astonishing.

    The line of the horizon (seamlessly incorporating the roof line) seems terrifying to me, a clear-cut fact of life/death. And the skull-like house, and of course the blood-like color.

    Absolutely excellent photo.

    • Thanks so much, Wilmer — your comments are always so thoughtful. In real life it’s a pretty spot, sealife, boaters, etc, rambling by, with a big view of the Olympic Mountains. I often wonder what would happen if I posted the story of this place on the lighthouse wall during tourist season, whether all the vacationing whale-watchers would come away with a different feeling about it.

    • I dunno why the History Channel ignores us so! We’ve got all the melodrama they seem to love.

      If the weather stays mild, I would recommend you come up before mid-May, when it’s still relatively tourist-free and you can really ramble around uninterrupted.

    • We’ve got a vintage paperback copy of Anthony Boucher’s “Rocket to the Morgue” with colors that are similar to this! (Off topic, we also have a book called “The Icepick in Ollie Birk” — I’ve never read it, but it’s worth keeping for the title alone.)

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