13 comments on “Welcome, and Farewell.

  1. love love love cemetaries. In fact there’s one on capitol hill with a lot of character which is probably my favorite. Thanks for reminding me I need to get back there. The first one with the hands is especially effective.

  2. I really love wandering through graveyards. You find some very interesting things there. That first image looks kind of creepy to me, mostly because I think the top rose looks like a face. :) Wonderful pictures, as always.

    • Now that you mention it, I do see the face! Yeah, it is kind of creepy. :-)

      I’ve been reading up on the meanings of different symbols on gravestones — how one symbol can mean one thing if placed this way, and something else if placed that way. It’s a whole language of its own.

      • That’s really fascinating. Is that in the US? I haven’t noticed too many symbols on graves. I like looking at Korean graves and deciphering them. They almost all use Chinese characters and they use them in a different way than normal, as you said a whole different gravestone language. It’s pretty cool. :)

        • It really is interesting how the world has used graves for communication and storytelling. I wonder how we’ll label our cryogenically frozen family members in the future? :-)

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