10 comments on “House of the Vespids.

  1. I’ll be honest, I covered my eyes as this page opened in the off chance there would be another slug picture! The wasp nest is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Amazing!

    • No no! No more slugs for now! Although I might have to try some more shots of the their shiny egg sacks come spring….

      Wasps are like the Romans, or something — industrious empire builders and gifted architects (and stay out of their way). I actually kind of admire them. From a distance.

  2. Those paper nests are cool. I was working in Portland for a year and a half one time, and since my company leased me a car, I left my car at my mom’s house in Lakewood, Washington for that time. When I reclaimed my car, I discovered a couple (fortunately empty) paper wasps nests in the door jam of the driver’s side door.

    • They are the busiest little buggers up here; I don’t remember anything like ’em in California. And meeeeannnn. Did you ever get stung by a PNW wasp? Also way worse than anything in CA. I’m not much afraid of bugs in general, but I’m mindfully respectful of our wasps.

      • I got stung by a hornet in Lakewood, which I think is a kind of wasp. The only “true” wasp sting I ever received was here in on the Central Coast of California as a little kid. Wow! It hurt.

        I grow carnivorous plants, and when I lived in the PNW I’d sometimes hear buzzing from inside my sarracenia. If it was a bee, I’d feel sorry for them (after all, bees have to make a very big choice when they sting you). But I loved it when the victim was a hornet, who can sting without fear of death, and so can be capricious..

        • Oooh, you mighta got hit by a yellowjacket. Those things are VICIOUS. I had a gang of them come after me several years ago — six stings in my head. (At least it confirmed I’m not allergic.) Now I keep a zap racket in the house, and fry any one that dares enter ’til it smokes. Very satisfying — but, man, being a gardener? hearing them get eaten by a plant would be really gratifying!

  3. I’m suspicious of the trojan horse like way in which they infiltrated your home. Be careful! Never trust anything that can fly, like blimps and crows and a man with a rocket pack, I always say.

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