15 comments on “Impressionismishness.

    • Ooo, a tornado spout would have been cool! We don’t get them here, though — although we do have a tsunami warning sign at the north end of our island. (There hasn’t been a tsunami here in 700 years.)

      And thanks for the feedback — it’s always appreciated! :-)

  1. I like them, especially the horse. They capture the drizzly feeling very well. There is something about the first one that makes it look like the building is tipping. I can’t put my finger on it.

    • Thanks, David. I see the tipping illusion in the roof — seems to be slipping toward us off of the building, maybe? I think it’s caused by everything being compressed through the 500mm lens, and my shooting from above; if I was at ground level, there’d probably be a more “usual” foreshortening.

  2. The horse. I find I need to say something about the horse. I don’t know what to say.

    Maybe the fact that I kept looking at it; or why it was that I kept looking; or that the photo did in fact stand up to my looking.

    The horse seems to be standing in clouds, not on earth.

    The horse seems a “cut out” figure. A living horse, it does not seem living..

    It’s a horse misplaced. The horse is as lost as the viewer.

    Usually the eye goes to light, In this case the eye returns to darkness. Maybe that’s it. Looking has been (almost) turned around here. The dark horse battles with the spot of light directly above it. That’s what dreams are made of, turned aroundness. Battles.

    • Maybe we return to the horse because the horse is the thing that’s real? This is why I love photography: the meaning of the image depends on the viewer.

      Wilmer, thanks for such a thoughtful, and thought-provoking, response.

    • Oh, I haven’t used it much, and it has some habits that I’m not used to — which as I type I realize doesn’t make it any clearer. If you click on the link to the “Kalimar 500 mirror lens” in the text below these photos, you can find one of the posts that explains what a weird lens this is (to me at least).

      And “intrigued” is good! I’ll take “intrigued”! *smiley face emoticon*

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