9 comments on “November Nasturtiums.

  1. There’s something about the colors and composition here that reminds me of paintings I saw in a gallery once. I wish I had something more specific – like the name of the artist. This is a wonderful, surreal image.

  2. I love Nasturtiums. When I was a kid, we called them ‘Honeysuckle’ (which I realize is a different plant entirely) because you could suck a little of the sap through the conical structure which extends from the base of the flower.

    You mention the Andes. Are the flowers pictured from there or are you saying that the nasturtium is native to S.A. I had always assumed they were native to California (which is a silly assumption considering all the non-native plants in my area).

    • D’y’know, the whole flower is edible, as well as the leaves. (Not as tasty as orchids, though, if you ask me.) (I sound like a madwoman.)

      Yeah, apparently the Nasturtium flower is South American. Funny you thought they were from California — I always thought they were Dutch!

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