6 comments on “DIY Pinholery.

  1. The second image is much better than ‘not embarrassing’. The extreme dark areas give off the impression that we are seeing what a zombie risen from the dead might see just as he emerges from his grave site. Its a haunting image.

    As for the raggedy edges, another reason for it might be the hole you create with the nail isn’t quite precision cut causing the resulting images to reflect the nature of the hole’s shape. Who says things have to be clear and precise all the time anyway? Good stuff.

    • Hey, I’ll go along with that description…Through the Eyes of Zombies…I feel a series coming on…

      (And, dammit, where’s a handy pocket-sized laser cutter when you need one? Although I do often veer away from “clear and precise”.)

      Thanks, jsod!

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