7 comments on “Wuthering Gloomies.

    • Ugh, yeah, it’s so hard to get anything interesting with all that flat, grey overcast. If I can convince myself to go wander around in the wind, I’ll probably spend some time around our shorelines; at least the water allows for some variation.

  1. Well yes, it’s been a rainier November than I remember. I think I read something about it being a record-breaking day yesterday, when we had the deluge of rains and flooding. But… snow season is upon us and the world is getting, for lack of a better descriptor, very Michael Kenna :)

    • I grew up in Southern California, which has exactly two seasons — Really Warm and Extremely Hot — so moving north to a place with actual seasons has been pretty fascinating for me. It’s great, even when it’s boring!

      Thanks for the nomination, too!

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