14 comments on “The Redbird Forest.

  1. Did you shoot these at ISO 400? You might want to overexpose a few stops next time. Perhaps setting the camera to ISO 100 or even ISO 50 would give a less grainy result.

    • Yeah, you’re probably right. Normally I really like grain, and I didn’t mind it in the previous two Redbirds I posted, but these results would have been better without it.

  2. I kind of like the blue streak and the grain here – it adds to the overall mood which is creeeeeepy! Is this redscale by any chance? It has such great red tones, I was curious.

  3. I wasn’t sure at first if I was looking at a sunset or a forest fire! Very creepy full of atmosphere and amazing colour! The abstract ones in the middle are I didn’t get until you mentioned they were leaves … or maybe I should have said “I didn’t twig to that one”… but went back and had a closer look and saw more detail now that I knew what I was looking at.
    I don;t mind the bluish stripe… adds character to the shot LOL.

    • Thanks, Kiwidutch. These were actually taken on a cool, sunny afternoon in early October, a really nice day; so of course I had to turn the golden tones of autumn into a little horror show! ;-)

  4. These are very arty, love them!
    But I know what you mean, and my experience is just like Patrick says, try more exposure, that will help you. But I have had problems in the scanning too. You need to tweak the histogram when scanning, be careful with the “dark side”, so that your slider on your left side come in close to the shadow columns (sorry, I do not know the English name for it…), hope you know what I mean.
    Perhaps you do all this already :-) The redscale is so very beautiful, I just love it, but it is a real challenge. I’m planning to load a film sheet to my Wista on the “wrong side”, that would be a redscale image….. Love to try weird things…. always….. ;-)
    Have a lovely weekend Luddy!

    • Marie, thanks for the advice! I only recently bought a neg scanner (finally), so everything will be very new — and probably very frustrating! Just reading through the manual is making my head spin…

      Any film used in unexpected ways is always fun. Good luck with your Wista redscale adventure!

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