8 comments on “Lycopersicon lycopersicum “Viva Italia”.

    • Aaaah, Edward Weston! Yeah, I love how looking really close at seemingly everyday natural objects can open our eyes, and show us all those beautiful details.

      And! I’ve got a whole macro series of dead yellowjackets that I’m sure you’ll just llllllloooooove!!!

  1. The notion of a photograph falling apart is an interesting notion. I certainly see the merits behind it, how far can you push your creation before it becomes something you did not intend it to be. Yet there is another side to it, pushing the boundaries and ending up with results drastically different yet equally as interesting. These macro shots of tomatoes, especially the first few hardly look as such. They are mysterious and intimate and just a bit haunting. Really quite stunning.

    • Thanks for such a thoughtful comment, jsod; I very much like the idea of a feeling of intimacy with an object which, for us, is usually considered a neutral object, or one to which we don’t normally attach any emotion. Sure, sometimes it’s justa tomata, but sometimes it’s an objet d’art.

      For me, the third one down comes closest to pushing too far and “falling apart” — i.e. any more indecipherable and it would have been useless, even unappealing.

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