13 comments on “Dawn of the Redbird.

    • It’s a pretty interesting film. I’ve seen some really beautiful photographs taken with it, much more subtle than this, so I’m going to start playing with it a lot.

  1. Hmm, strange….
    Other redscale films is the opposite, the more light that comes to the film, the more yellowish tones you get, and the higher speed, the more darker red hues.
    When I shoot for example a Lomo redscale, I use the “Sunny 8” or “Sunny 11” ;-)
    Love your red result, and looking forward to more!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • It must be my settings, then. Some of this last batch is of a dark forest floor — the only ones that look like anything were set low and they’re almost entirely red & black. (What I tried at higher speeds ended up as junk.) These seem to be the usual results I get, so I’ll have to keep practicing with this film. Gotta give your suggestions a try!

      Thanks, Marie!

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