11 comments on “IATA: KDEN.

    • Good lord! That baggage system was archaic even before it launched! People are so dumb about this stuff. We put entirely too much faith in computerization — we seem to believe a computerized system is actually thinking, when all it’s really doing, really its only purpose, is speeding things up for the sake of convenience.

      Thanks for the comment, IzaakMak!

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  2. Maybe it is a wannabe-even-bigger kind of airport… ;-)
    I’m impressed that you, though all this, managed to take these photos!! I would for sure have been too stressed out or too pi….ed to take up my camera at all……
    Thanks for sharing! Have a great day Luddy! :-)

  3. I suppose the carpet gives new meaning to ‘seeing red!. ;)
    I have no doubt if you had permission and relevant desire it would be possible to get some awesome street (or in this case airport) photography going.

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