11 comments on “Call (and response) of the Canyon.

    • We got a little break from the rain later in the day up here, but then, of course, the wind kicked in. Argh.

      I think we all got a little spoiled by our late summer.

  1. Nice shots. It fascinates me that ancient man built in circles and curves in harmony with nature, whereas we came on the scene with parallel and perpendicular lines for our structures.

    I love your photos of the rock carvings because I took more than a few of them myself. I wonder how many years have to pass before our graffiti qualifies as art?

    Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

    • Graffiti has run this odd full circle, though, hasn’t it? with artists now working only as graffiti-ists, and then the arts world declaring them artists. Like lots of stuff, as soon as the hoity-toits declare something valuable, it loses its intrinsic value. I think this has happened with the intellectualization of graffiti.

      What’s really interesting to me is that architecture in the SW continued to gibe with its surroundings for many generations, until relatively recently. With railroads, electricity, interstates, etc, came all these lookalike grids and the same materials used hundreds of miles away.

      Thanks for your comments, Allan! Keep coming by.

    • Yeah, graffiti artists don’t tend to sign and number their works. In a thousand years, archeologists will be puzzling over fragments by Banksy, David Choe, Saber…

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