23 comments on “Angel at the Grave.

  1. I’d go for the angel, but it’s close for me too. Depends on what you want the photograph to say, as for me they each elicit a different emotion: the angel is hope and peace, while the gravestone is a bit more somber. It’s about tone and intent!

  2. I’d say the angel. It’s got the lightest tones so my eye is already drawn past the headstone towards it. With the headstone in focus, I’m still looking over to the angel. They’re great, moody images.

    • That’s my general thinking as well, although I admit I’m still mulling it over. But at this point I am thinking the gravestone has more gravity. Thanks as always for the feedback, Marie.

  3. the angel, definitely!

    anyway, these photos really remind me of the Weeping Angels from BBC’s Doctor Who, which is my favorite episode, so far :)

    • Hey, nitzus! I had to go look up the Dr. Who reference (I’ve only watched sporadically), but reading up on Weeping Angels aka Lonely Assassins (!), with their unusual, er, talents — now that’s an interesting concept.

      I might have to follow up on that…hmmm…

  4. The angel caught my eye first, so first reaction was “angel”… but then I noticed the lichen growing on the gravestone and the texture of it and the gravestone won me over.

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