8 comments on “Pumpkin Blossoms.

    • Thanks, Kiwi. I was happily surprised by that first one myself. It’s what I’m sort of aiming for with my double-exposed flower pictures, so I’m encouraged to keep taking more of them!

  1. Ohh….. These are so gorgeous, all of them, even if I was really blown away by the first one….. LOOOVE!!
    Btw, have you used FP4 a lot? I have not, but I’m really curious about it. I have heard it has a gorgeous grain structure, very special, is it so?
    I have bought a couple of rolls, but the weather is not with me, it’s been raining for weeks…..
    I’m so very curious….. ;-)

    • Thanks so much, Marie, and I have to say again that your series of double-exposed images are what inspired me to start my own.

      I do like the FP4, although I haven’t used it much (I tend to gravitate to the 400-speed films for their adaptability, since I never really have a plan when I go out shooting). From what I’ve seen, the grain quality is very pleasing, I like the tonal range (although perhaps not as warm as TMax) — and it does surprisingly well in imperfect conditions, so you might want to try it in the rain anyway. My series of abstracted grape leaves were shot on a wet day:

      Also this spider web was on an early overcast morning:

      I’ve heard that it doesn’t respond well to push processing, though.

      Load it up and have some fun! =D

      • Thank you, very interesting… As you said, the grain structure looks very nice and the tonal range looks really nice too. Yepp, I’m gonna load a couple of rolls and try it.
        If just the rain could stop, if only a little…..
        Thanks a LOT for great inspiration and kind words!
        Have a great day!

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