10 comments on “In the Pond — Grasses.

  1. Love the mood here!
    Very interesting with the 1600, think I’m going o try, and compare with Tri- X at 1600. Do you have a comparison of these two?
    Btw, I also think Neopan is a very nice film, love Acros 100…..

    • Oooooh, that’s an interesting thought. I don’t have any comparisons — I would love to see your results between the two! (I just picked up a roll of the 1600 on eBay for a ridiculous price — it’s getting harder and harder to find as people are hoarding it up. Push processing, here I come!)

      The Acros 100 is such a lovely film; I shot a roll not long ago, now just waiting for the results.

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